For the Good

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Many have asked for an update, but we really do not have much forward motion.
We made our way to lake limestone safely a little over 2 weeks ago. We have enjoyed resting and getting to see family and friends. Cory had some tests run to see if he had parasites and they came back clear. We are thankful for that and discouraged because this puts us back at square one with figuring out what is causing his pain and fatigue. The oncologist does not believe the lymphoma is causing these symptoms. So he will not be having Chemo or radiation at this time.

We are so grateful for our church families. Immanuel Baptist in Odessa not only provided a moving truck, they also helped us fill it! We miss them fiercely. While we know moving was best for our family, we grieve the fact that it took us away from our Immanuel family. We’ve wept more than once over this. It was the first church we found together as a married couple, the first place we made “couple friends” and the first place that felt like home in Odessa. We know that God uses the church to declare his glory and Immanuel is a beautiful picture of this.
Our Centerpoint church family has continually poured out love, financial support and friendship. They are a true gift of grace and we are looking forward to reconnecting soon.
Many friends and family have checked on us and offered well wishes and we are blessed by them.
We are often told, “let me know if there’s anything I can do for y’all.” We appreciate everyone’s willingness to help and find this statement difficult at the same time. I’ll be honest I’m prideful and struggle to ask for help of any kind. Sometimes I can’t even think of things we need help with. I often think there are others in more dire circumstances that have very little help, it is very humbling to be in a position of need. So, in an effort to be transparent and grow here are a few answers to questions we’ve been asked:
1. What can we pray for specifically?
Besides healing, our greatest prayer need is for our hearts. Every closed door in regards to Cory’s health stirs up frustration and anxiety. We want to be found faithful and not resist what God is doing in all this. Pray that we would rest in HIM and be content to live each day moment by moment.
2. What do you need financially?
Right now, we have what we need. We are waiting for some hospital bills to come in over the next few weeks. And will have a better picture of that.
3. What else can we do for y’all?
One of the most encouraging things for us right now is having friends & family visit. We have no tv or internet access and cell coverage is spotty so our communication is limited to taking trips in to Waco and while there we’re trying to get as much business done as possible.
4. How are you guys?
We have good and bad days. Cory is tired of feeling unwell, especially getting exhausted after playing with Rylie for only 10min, but grateful to be able to be with his family more. I’ve had some rough days after being up in the night with Rylie and feeling overwhelmed with taking care of everything, thankfully those days are not often and have eased a bit as we’ve adjusted to living at the lake. Rylie loves getting to play outside in this beautiful place! She is becoming quite vocal and busy and her love for people continues to grow, she especially loves babies and college kids right now.
5. What’s the next step? We’re calling everyday to see if his primary care doctor has an opening because his first available appointment is a month from now. Ideally it would be great if we could move to Waco proper, but in order for that to happen we have to find an extremely cost efficient place to rent, so we will be working towards that. Also, the ministry I work for, iGo Global will be having their annual fundraising banquet in Dallas so we plan to attend if at all possible.

This is getting a bit long, so I’ll wrap it up. This week we’ve been reminding ourselves of Proverbs 16:1- “A man plans his way but The Lord determines his steps.” This has been so true for us and we trust that God will continue to be faithful as we walk this road.