We met in July of 2011, after many phone calls and prayers we went on our first date August 2oth, 2011. We knew pretty quickly that the Lord was drawing our hearts and lives together, by October, he had purchased a ring. He held onto that ring until February 3, 2012. He had planned an elaborate day ending with a proposal and a party but his plans were rearranged when we got into a car accident. After a trip to the ER and a few stitches later we were back on our way and He proposed by saying, “Nothing has gone the way I planned today, but I don’t want to wait another minute. Will you serve God with me and be my wife?”  With the ring in place and smiles on our faces we became fiancées.

2 weeks later He was diagnosed with cancer. We were thankful for the car wreck that brought this news about. God, by his grace led us to this knowledge early and after a few months of natural health and planning our wedding, we were cancer free!

We wed October 6, 2012 and promised to make much of Jesus together, love each other always and never get divorced.

January 16, 2013 we found out that the Lord had blessed us and we were 5 weeks pregnant with a little one!

One year later we discovered his cancer had returned. So we practice “watchful waiting” while living life as fully as we can.

Life has been an adventure, ups, downs, ins and outs. We hope to continue to serve the Lord with gladness through life and ministry. We love students and their families and pray that we will be obedient all our days.


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