Change is Gonna Come

10.26.2015 is a date I want to remember for various reasons, some mundane and some significant. The day was bright, and a crisp 55 degrees while visiting my sister in Connecticut. We visited an apple orchard and enjoyed the perfect Fall day. This in of itself makes my heart full but that’s not all of the goodness that came this day. While scanning Face Book, I was notified that I was tagged in a throw back picture. This particular picture was from more than 10 years ago and was owned by someone who lived on a different continent. I had a life changing opportunity to work at a rural school in Zambia, Africa one summer while I was in college and before I even knew what Face Book was. This picture connected me to students I met so long ago who I have never seen again, yet our hearts are forever etched with memories. Day made!

Yet, there’s more. Most of you have followed our health stuff and moves from the last year and we have been praying for balance and some stability as we acknowledge Cory’s health and potential health issues that could occur in the future. It’s not the plan we dreamed about when we got married, but it has been an adventure for sure! We have seen God’s faithfulness time and time again. I have had the huge blessing of working at iGo Global, investing in students who in turn impact the nations with the gospel, this was my dream job out of college and I am thrilled that I have been able to see a decade of students not only go Make Him Famous but live out their lives for God’s glory wherever they are. For the past 2 years God has been stirring my heart and letting me know that I probably wouldn’t be at iGo forever, much to my disappointment. I have honestly been horrified at the thought of leaving this ministry I love so much. But, God has been gentle and gracious with me while also growing a desire to be in an environment where I would come in contact with the community at large more often.  2 weeks ago I had a job interview, my first interview in almost 10 years! October 26th, after telling God I really would like an answer before returning home from Connecticut and resigning myself to take a nap rather than think about it anymore, my phone rang. I was offered a job. I accepted the job later in the day and was immediately filled with excitement and nervousness at the changes that would come. I have had great flexibility to work from home and mother my daughter and my new job will not have the same flexibility all the time. iGo is what I’ve known, it’s where I’ve been challenged and encouraged and my co-workers are so much more than colleagues, we’re friends, we’re co-laborers, we’ve spent way too many nights on camp bunk beds and travelling to and fro. I wouldn’t change it for anything. God has used this ministry to shape me in ways I would have never sought out and I am so grateful.

So, I start my new job as a County Extension Agent over 4-H Youth and Development on November 16. After a bit of training, this will mean another move for my little family and I hope the last one for awhile. For those of you who probably would have never guessed, I grew up heavily involved in 4-H and have always loved the way whole families got to work together and learn while working on 4-H projects. My leadership degree is actually an Agriculture Leadership degree and I have been able to learn how to develop student leaders through my years at iGo. 4-H is so much more than only agricultural projects (even though we love those), 4-H is committed to teaching, training and inspiring families to make their communities better through service and I am thrilled to begin a new adventure.

This job came at just the right time. It’s a great fit for my giftings and passions. To God be the Glory. We would love your prayers as we transition again and as we engage the community. Above all whatever we do we want to work unto the Lord.

Let the packing begin! If you know of anyone in Austin county who would love to rent out a house or apartment to our family please let us know!


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