Just a little Cancer

I really want to be more consistent with our blogging, and I want to blog about other things besides cancer and get Cory to write some also…..he’s a much better writer than I. But, before we get to those, I thought it might be helpful to share more about the kind of cancer Cory has and what we’re dealing with.

Cory has Non-hodgkins folicular lymphoma. Depending on who we talk to he’s either at stage 1 or 2. Typically, only folks older than 60 get this kind of cancer and it’s usually further along once it’s found. Here’s the kicker, it’s “easier” to treat with chemotherapy and radiation when it’s stage 3. Weird. Currently, his treatment plan from traditional medicine is called watchful waiting or as I like to call it: limbo land. It includes check ups every few months including blood work and scans as needed. When people find out Cory has cancer they automatically assume he’ll be undergoing chemotherapy soon and look perplexed when we tell them that no, he’s not taking any therapy drugs and we hope never will. Some days it feels like we’re just waiting for the cancer to get angry and start multiplying and other days it’s hard to believe that monster is in there. This does not mean that we are not being proactive about his health though. He is on a really good supplement plan and I’m cooking him healthy food so that his immune system is really strong. Our hope is that once again his body will go into what they call “spontaneous remission.” We know if that happens it’s because God has chosen to heal him and use the natural supplements to fight off the cancer. We got to stump his Oncologist once before and boast about God’s grace and we hope to get to do it again.

I’m going to be very honest with you, walking this out in daily life is both difficult and a breeze. The past week Cory hasn’t felt good, most likely because he worked hard with me at Base Camp and got very little sleep so he picked up some sort of bug that makes him tired, cough and just feel unwell. This  is a perfectly normal thing, but after a few days I start to worry, even though he just had blood work like 2 weeks ago! All my fears about what could happen in the future flood me like a tidal wave. When we’re busy (being on the road, doing what we love, helping with Base Camp) and not eating as healthy as we ought or just enjoying life I worry about the ramifications on Cory’s body. We live in this tension everyday. We do our best to trust God’s word that He is working all things for our good (Romans 8:28), that He is our strength, He is present (Psalm 46:1) and that our lives are meant to be lived for His glory. (Exodus 15:2) And we take so much joy in the gift he has given us in our daughter, she is a ray of sunshine to our days and her laughter can relax the worry lines on our faces.


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