Hello world!

Well, Hello.

Even though we both have blogged in the past, we decided that maybe it was time to begin a blog about our family, ministry and life all in one place. Since we married in October life has gone by very fast! We are about to start the busy summer at iGo Global and we are expecting our first child in September! So, I assume that much of the first part of the blog posts will be about these 2 seasons coming up, but we may also just write what’s on our hearts or is making us laugh.

We should be finding out soon whether we will be having a boy or a girl and we are so excited! We have done quite a few old wives tales that are supposed to predict the gender, here are the results of a few:
Picked up the Key:
Prefer resting on right side:

Baking soda bubbles:
Heart rate over 140:

We want to know what you predict!